Saturday, February 28, 2015

85 Things That Are More Important Than What Colour The Dress Is

(Though it’s obviously black and blue, FYI.)

1. Your family.

2. Your friends.

3. Your plans this weekend.

4. What you're having for dinner.

5. Who 'A' is on Pretty Little Liars.

6. Ice cream.

7. Deciding what flavour ice cream you should have after dinner.

8. Deciding if you should just skip dinner and have ice cream instead.

9. Whatever is on TV tonight.

10. Cap'n Crunch donut balls.

11. Just any type of breakfast cereal really.

12. Reading a book.

13. Reading a trashy novel.


14. Llamas.

15. Alpacas.

16. Learning the difference between llamas and alpacas.

17. Enjoying the sunshine.

18. Enjoying the cold.

19. Enjoying mild weather.

20. Chocolate.

21. Finding new justifications for eating chocolate for breakfast.

22. Realising you're an adult and you can eat whatever you damn well please.

23. This duck who got stuck in ice and had to be rescued.

24. Exercising.

25. Spending a whole day in bed binge-watching TV shows.

26. Finally being able to watch House of Cards season 3.

27. Watching 50 Shades of Grey.

28. Not watching 50 Shades of Grey.

29. Not letting other opinions dictate what the hell you do with your life.

30. Biting into a fresh, juicy slice of watermelon.

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