Monday, April 20, 2015

Now Anyone Can Slide Into Your DMs

Twitter just changed its direct messages so anyone can DM you, whether you follow them or not.

Today, Twitter began rolling out changes to the direct message feature that will make it easier for people to DM each other — even if one party doesn't follow the other:

1) Allow anyone to DM you. Now — or soon; Twitter is rolling this feature out gradually — you'll have the option to enable anyone (not just people you follow) to DM you. This means any old rando out there can send you a DM (but only if you opt in). To opt in on mobile, go to me>gear icon>settings>account you want to change> "receive direct messages from anyone".

2) You can now DM if only one of you follows. Even if you don't opt into to the "allow all randos" setting, you'll be able to DM with people you follow, even if they don't follow you back.

This means if Kanye West wants to DM you (and you follow him, but he doesn't follow you back because the only person he follows is Kim), he finally can. I'm sure he has so much to say to you.

Before, both people had to be following each other in order to have a DM convo. IThis is an indication that the microblogging service is marching into messaging — previously considered a weak spot for Twitter, but clearly big business for companies such as WhatsApp, which boasts hundreds millions of users worldwide.

Also: Great news for thirsty randos and people who think they have a shot at finally telling Kayne West just what they think of his latest single.

Go forth and slide, everyone!

Go forth and slide, everyone!

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