Thursday, February 26, 2015

What Your Body Parts SHOULD Be Called

You’ve been calling them “butts” for way too long.

The parts of your body were named centuries ago, long before the invention of modern English (For example, the letter M wasn't part of the alphabet until an act of Congress added it in 1954.). Here's what the parts of the human anatomy deserve be called:

Why not call “fingers” what they really are: Small, tail-like flagellates useful for both grasping and slapping?

Sam74100 / Getty Images

Lots of body parts bend. But none do it as well as these bony, mid-leg joints.

Melodija / Getty Images

In the near future, the naming rights for your body parts will be up for grabs and you’d better believe the Dew is gonna get there first.

Maxim Protsenko / Getty Images

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