Monday, March 9, 2015

101 Things That Are More Fun Than Studying For Your Board Exams

Never let schooling get in the way of your ability to procrastinate for hours on end.

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1. Colour coordinating your whole, entire wardrobe.

2. Setting up your books in alphabetical order.

3. Removing your wall paint by chipping it off inch by inch.

4. Inspecting your legs for ingrown hair and picking them out.

5. Calculating your and your crush's love percentage.

6. Imagining an alternate universe with you as the hero that saves the world.

7. Creating a vision board to help you top your class.

8. Buying tons of stationery because your cousin's friend's sister failed her boards because her pen ran out of ink.

9. Photo copying every classmate's notes because they're ALL important.

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10. Watching the news because there might be a General Knowledge section.

11. Being a good child by helping to make dinner.

12. And cleaning your room.

13. And your parents' room.

14. And the kitchen.

15. And your room again when your mum locks you in.

16. Finding fascinating childhood artifacts while cleaning your room.

17. Oooh my tazo collection!

18. Hey that's my Slam Book from fourth grade!

19. Why was my favourite actor ever Bobby Deol?

20. What was wrong with me?

21. Deep introspection and analysis of what went wrong in your childhood.

22. Imagining how you would have turned out had Bobby Deol not been your favourite actor in the fourth grade.

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