Tuesday, March 10, 2015

14 Reasons Women Should Never Lift Weights

It can lead to better metabolism, body image, and self-esteem, for starters. What a disaster.

Because who wants to speed up their metabolism, anyway?

The afterburn effect (or, if you're a scientist, "prolonged elevations of postexercise metabolic rate") means increased metabolism after certain kinds of exercise, like resistance workouts. So, obviously, stay away, because WHAT A DRAG.

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And less belly fat? NOT INTERESTED.

Extra fat in the ol' belly area means bad things for cardiovascular health. Aaaand some of us are belly-concerned for aesthetic reasons. Either way weight training means a healthier waist circumference. But, again, no one's really worried about all that.

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Plus, feeling confident is totally overrated.

Everyone prefers to struggle through their bummer feelings about themselves, right?

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Also, back pain actually feels great and is not a life ruiner.

For improved pain and quality of life, back pain sufferers should consider weightlifting. If, for some reason, they want relief from their chronic pain, that is.

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