Monday, March 9, 2015

If "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" Was Set In Australia

It’s Always Sunny Down Under.

1. Frank Reynolds: Australian of the Year

2. Mac Shreds for Stereo

3. Charlie Goes on My Kitchen Rules

4. Dennis and Dee Work For The Dole


5. Mac joins The Rebels

6. The Gang Stops the Boats

7. The Gang Beats The Heat

8. The Gang Fights Gun Control

9. The Gang Goes to Soundwave

10. Dee Goes On Survivor

11. The Gang Gets Arrested in Bali

12. Dee's Big Break: Neighbours

13. Charlie is the King of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival

14. The Gang Makes Mad Max 5

15. Charlie's Mum has a Melanoma

16. The Gang Goes to Luna Park

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