Saturday, April 4, 2015

39 Things They Should Actually Teach In Sex Ed

Lube is key, always pee, and orgasms aren’t a guarantee.

Lube is your friend.

Lube is your friend.

"Lube. For the love of god, don't be afraid to buy lube. It will make that one position soooooo much better." —Emma Matlock (Facebook)

Jennifer Lopez VEVO / Via BuzzFeed

Always be honest with your intentions before you bang.

"Never lie to get sex. If you want a casual thing, be honest and say so. Maybe they say yes, maybe they say no. Don't make someone believe or tell them you like them more than you do. It's just wrong and you will feel like crap too when you break their heart. —abuffalover won't be great. won't be great.

"Not everyone you have sex with will be good at handling your penis. Some will scrape it with their teeth, chafe it with insanely bad hand jobs, or make it bend at weird angles when you're doing the deed. Speak up, or you'll have a sore penis." —kevinb111

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