Friday, April 3, 2015

How To Avoid The Haunting Monster Of "It Follows"

Would you be safe if you had sex with an astronaut? The writer and director of the disturbing film talks survival strategies with BuzzFeed News. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD!

Maika Monroe in It Follows.


It's a testament to how scary a movie It Follows is that for days after watching it, you walk around thinking up survival plans — should you hide, stay on the move forever, pass the haunting on to someone else? Writer-director David Robert Mitchell's indie horror hit has a deliberate dreaminess to it that can't really be battled with logic, but it's impossible not to try. Its characters certainly do, and they eventually come up with a scheme to electrocute the sexually transmitted monster in an abandoned swimming pool. "It's the worst plan in the world," Mitchell says, in a phone interview with BuzzFeed News. "Even if they were able to electrify that pool, I don't think that that would solve it. Nothing within the physical world that any kind of teenager could come up with, any sort of plan, is actually going to be successful."

But what about the rest of us? With It Follows now open in over 1,600 theaters, we gathered some survival scenarios from Twitter, from other analyses of the film, and from several BuzzFeed staffers, then ran some survival scenarios past Mitchell to see what his take might be on how to get away from, or at least temporarily escape, the monster that ends up stalking his heroine Jay (Maika Monroe).

Mitchell points out that his characters also give in to the impulse to get away. "They go up north. They do what's within their means. They're teenagers and also of a certain economic level. They don't have a lot of resources."

But what if you did have the cash, or at least a good credit card? "Could you get away from it for longer periods of time? I'm sure you could. Anywhere that you can physically go, it could get there as well. It's ultimately about the idea that you don't know when this thing will arrive and how long you have. To me, that's the most terrible part of it. In a way, it may even be worse. You could get away from it for months, if you're flying to Europe and then back again. At a certain point, you'd have to be keeping track of it."

He's willing to concede that constant travel might be a way out. "Maybe that's one person, with incredibly elaborate means and a great deal of wealth. But I would also say things go wrong, things always go wrong in life, and there are things that would be difficult to anticipate. I've been on a plane before where there have been problems and they've had to go back to the gate. That's the worst situation, where you're sitting there on this plane, waiting for them to the close the door."

Lili Sepe and Maika Monroe in It Follows.


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