Wednesday, April 15, 2015

If "Gossip Girl" Were Set In Australia

The scandalous lives of Sydney’s elite.

Tim Graham / Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

1. Blair and Serena would reside in mansions on the North Shore.

2. Dan would live in Newtown.

3. Rufus would own some hipster art gallery/coffee shop on King Street.

4. Instead of disappearing to the Hamptons for summer, they'd head up to the Whitsunday Islands.

5. Bart Bass would own all of Kings Cross.

6. Gossip Girl would leave obscure references in mX.

7. The boys would attend Cranbook School and the girls would attend Ascham.

8. Jenny would intern for Sass and Bide.

9. They'd rarely wear gloriously expensive winter coats...because they'd never need them.

10. Blair would think anyone from rural areas were peasants.


11. Serena would escape to the country for ~relaxation~ purposes and have a fling with a hot farmer.

12. But her idea of the country would be a day trip to Bathurst.

13. And when she returned to the city, she'd find out that the farmer is actually her estranged cousin that was banished from the family.

14. Vanessa Abrams would be found doing artistic graffiti in the hipster areas.

15. But she would eventually move to Melbourne to become an artist.

16. Lily and Rufus' lovechild scoop would be splashed all over Woman's Day and New Idea.

17. At some stage Blair would have a fling with a wealthy politician's son.

18. At their parties, they'd never dare drink goon.

19. Dan would work on an inside scoop to try to win a Walkley.

20. Instead of lacrosse, Nate would play AFL.

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