Saturday, April 18, 2015

Fast Food Chicken Nuggets Ranked From Worst To Best

Nuggs not drugs.


Two highly qualified chicken nugget experts set out on a magical journey to rank the most notable fast food nuggets of ALL TIME based on five categories:

• Smell

• Aesthetics

• Insides

• Addictiveness

• Tastiness

They combined each other's scores to achieve this ultimate ranking. The results are irrefutable.


Candace Lowry / Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

Burger King

Burger King

Christian: I literally inhaled these nuggets as a child AND I LITERALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHY. These nuggets smelled like someone's breath after eating sour cream and onion chips (trust me, I'd know) and had an unnatural burnt orange color to them. They looked super crispy, but turned out to be soggy as fuck. If I actually had it my way, I'd for(nug)get these were ever in my mouth.

Claire: So I actually thought the sour cream and onion smell was delicious and tantalizing but the actual nuggets tasted AWFUL! The breading was fairly even but absolutely soggy. The shape was "blah" and the nuggets were surprisingly small compared to all the other nuggets. I remember them being tastier when I was younger too? WTF happened BK?

Claire de Louraille / Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

El Pollo Loco

El Pollo Loco

Christian: I honestly had so much hope for these golden nuggets. Like the best things in life, they had so much girth to them I assumed I'd love these nuggs in my mouth! WRONG. These guys were basically fried battered balls filled with a smidgen of chicken. I love me a good sopapilla, but not when it's trying to disguise itself as a chicken nugget.

Claire: Could nugget breading GET any more inconsistent? However, the meat did have a nice grain to it and while they tasted like 100% grease and no chicken, I kind of liked that? Does that make me a gross person? The meat inside was all white and didn't have any veins, but the meat was DRY AS FUCK. Lots of nugg for the size though.

Claire de Louraille / Christian Zamora / BuzzFeed

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